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Apr 24, 2010 11:00pm EDT
of oxford, and ph.d. from the university of virginia. when she was at louisville, she visited louis brandeis's grave. it is at a law school there. i just learned that a short time ago. she is a very prolific author. her works include, "the supremes -- an introduction to the united states supreme court justices," and "jacqueline kennedy -- first lady of the new frontier." this is a homecoming for her. she is currently working on a volume with a professor about the supreme court and the judicial process. please join me in welcoming prof. perry. [applause] >> thank you, mr. sheets justice for your kind introduction, and for honoring us -- thank you, mr. chief justice, for your kind introduction, and for honoring us with your presence tonight. my own mentor, henry abraham, is here this evening. he taught me everything i know about judicial appointments. his book is now in its fifth edition and is the definitive work on supreme court nominations. i would also like to thank my longtime friends, students colonies -- friends, students, and colleagues. i would like to thank our dean. you may have hea
Apr 10, 2010 8:00pm EDT
at what we have done. historic elections for republicans in virginia, in new jersey comeuppance -- in a new jersey, and the state formerly known as taxachussettes now has a republican into the senate. who would have thunk it? your enthusiasm has been contagious. even republicans in congress are returning to their commitment to fiscal discipline and a reform. [applause] let's be honest. three years ago, republicans in congress did not just lose their majority, they lost their way. [applause] when i opposed no child left behind, the medicare prescription drug bill, the wall street bailout, i knew that if we kept acting like a big government liberals, eventually the american people would just go with the professionals. that is what they did. the truth is, we walked away from the principles that have always been part of our governing majority, and the american people walked away from us spir. but every single house republicans voted against the stimulus bill and the government takeover of health care. republicans are back in the fight and they are back in the fight on the right. [ap
Apr 10, 2010 11:00pm EDT
in washington. [applause] the electoral march is already on, from massachusetts to new jersey to virginia. the freedom agenda is winning the day with a winning message -- shrink government. lower taxes. give people back their freedom, their choices for their families and their future. empower the job creators instead of the political class. let's tap into that competitive spirit. let's tap into the confidence that is found in the entrepreneurial sector, not in government. that is what makes america great -- more choice, less control from washington, more jobs, fewer bureaucrats. more entrepreneurs, your career politicians -- fewer career politicians. but we cannot coast into a new majority, nor would -- nor can we assume it is a sure thing. the liberal media are looking for any possible alternative narrative's to tell. any other headline will do. here is one headline americans know to be the truth. democrats trust government more than they trust the american people. that is a headline that is straining all across this land. it is a headline that families are confronting at their kitchen t
Apr 24, 2010 8:00pm EDT
this month at the upper big branch mine in west virginia. we will hear remarks from president obama, vice-president joe biden, and west virginia governor joe manchin. watch that live at 3:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> i think there is a huge lack of knowledge about how this town works, how congress works. >> when you were doing research work, you have to do that yourself. >> this weekend, award winning historians will talk about their work, their books, and their professions, and revisit their first appearances on our networks. that is sunday night on c-span. >> earlier this week, first lady michelle obama hosted children at the white house for the annual take our daughters and sons to work day. she talked about her role as first lady and daily life at the white house. this is about 50 minutes. >> how are you? it is good to see you! how're you doing? hi! hello! yeah, you can pet bo. he is the highlight of the visit today. all right, come on, bo. come on, bo. ok, i will make sure he comes around to everybody. a. how is everybody doing? that is good. welcome to the white house. how many of
Apr 17, 2010 8:00pm EDT
that we ought to bring back confederate month in virginia without talking anything about slavery; or the idea that you ought to be able to pack a loaded six-gun into a starbucks and order a cowboy latte. all of this is really about, where do you feel oriented walking through the day -- how to feel secure in the face of insecurity; how to feel ordered in the face of chaos. im not defending the specifics of any of these; im just telling you thats whats going on. there is an enormous psychological disorientation today. and that is also the way it was in the early 90s. and we must not forget that when that happens, we have to pay special care both to have a raging debate, because we need to figure out what to do about this, and to do it in a way that nurtures the best in us, not the worst. the second lesson we have to learn is that we cant let the debate veer so far into hatred that we lose focus of our common humanity. its really important. we cant ever fudge the fact that there is a basic line dividing criticism from violence or its advocacy. and the closer you get to the line, and
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)